On the occasion of International Museum Day on May 18th, a groundbreaking collaboration unfolded between the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA) and Kuaishou, the prominent Chinese short-video platform. This partnership brought to life a unique, shoppable livestream event titled “Rendezvous with Claude Monet: Bring Beauty to Life.” The event, focusing on the celebrated works of Claude Monet (1840–1926), captivated nearly 8 million viewers over a span of four hours.

The livestream offered an in-depth exploration of Monet’s artistic evolution and his pioneering techniques, highlighting how his work has continued to influence the world of art. The event was co-hosted by Wang Yuheng, a celebrated Chinese TV personality known for his exceptional memory on Super Brain 3 and boasting 4 million followers on Weibo, alongside Ms. Mi, a prominent Kuaishou user who played a key role in announcing Kuaishou’s official stock market debut. They were joined by MFA’s expert narrators, guiding the audience through Monet’s masterpieces.

This interactive experience transcended traditional art appreciation, enabling viewers to purchase exclusive art-inspired merchandise. The offerings included Monet Art Tees and aroma sets from the MFA, probiotic nuts by Bestore, and yeast facial treatments from Genuine Namir, all designed to enhance the sensory enjoyment of Monet’s work and bring the essence of art and culture directly into viewers’ homes.

The event also redefined the online shopping experience by integrating entertainment and educational content with interactive elements. Viewers participated in shaping the event by voting on the sequence of presentations and could win prizes through social media engagement or by taking part in a lottery. Special discounts and the ability to shop in real-time by pinning products to their carts made the event not just a cultural journey, but also a seamless e-commerce experience.

Kuaishou, akin to TikTok but with a significant presence in China, has become the country’s second-largest video app, boasting over 300 million users. Its reach extends from rural regions to second-tier cities, evolving to include longer videos and live streaming features since 2019.

The collaboration between MFA and Kuaishou marks a significant stride in bridging Western museums with Chinese audiences. This venture is strategic for expanding global cultural exchange, targeting not only potential tourists from China but also engaging the Chinese diaspora in North America and Europe, thereby illustrating the power of art to connect across borders.

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