An exciting new collaboration between Iconic and The Jackson Pollock Studio will see the inaugural collection of limited-edition prints and digital artefacts released today (July 12, 2023). Beyond the Edge features the artist’s marks that landed beyond his canvas in the 1940s and 50s.

The collection presents four perspectives of Jackson Pollock’s studio floor – the site upon which the master abstract expressionist dripped, poured and splattered paint across unstretched canvas. His previously unheard of approach served to overturn the tradition of upright painting and brought a new expressive process of working around a canvas on the floor into the public consciousness. It is this story that Beyond the Edge will help to tell in a new and innovative way.

“Jackson Pollock said that there were no limits, only edges,” explains Helen A. Harrison, Director of the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center, which oversees the Jackson Pollock Studio. “The edge of the canvas did not limit him. He went beyond the edge with the same energy he poured into the work, so that you can see a direct line between something that is in the painting and what spilled onto the studio floor.”

The collection is designed to expand knowledge of the artist’s pioneering process, draw attention to the importance of art artefacts and raise funds for the preservation of the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center based in East Hampton, NY.

The collection will also include tip-tier digital artist collaborations and other web3 extensions.

A new perspective through digital art

By harnessing the power of digital art, Beyond the Edge offers a new generation of collectors the opportunity to own a piece of art history. A collector purchasing one of the perspectives will receive two artworks: a certified digital artifact (edition of 100) and a museum-quality print (edition of 100, hand numbered and stamped by the Jackson Pollock Studio). Purchases will take place at and Iconic Art Pass holders will gain early access to the collection with purchases required by either credit card or crypto wallet.

Other features of the collection include The Pollock Enigma – a sequential Web3 puzzle and Pollock trivia. The first to successfully complete the series will win a print and digital artefact.

In addition, a range of limited edition digital artworks by leading digital artists will be featured alongside 100 small, unique NFT Ordinals set for release in August. The Ordinals consist of unique NFT perspectives of Pollock’s paint drippings on the studio floor. This generative art series will tap two leading digital artists to collaborate on generative works that interpret specific aspects of the Studio floor or Pollock’s creative process.

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