The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is making significant strides in the digital art realm by engaging in a groundbreaking partnership with some of the most celebrated figures in the Web3 space. This collaboration is part of its forward-thinking “Remembrance of Things Future” campaign, positioning the museum at the forefront of the NFT art scene in the western United States. This collection of unique non-fungible tokens is a testament to LACMA’s innovative spirit.

In an exciting venture, LACMA has teamed up with the blockchain experts at Cactoid Labs to launch a pioneering project in the NFT art world. The project has attracted a roster of renowned digital artists including Deafbeef, XCOPY, Erick “Snowfro” Calderon, Jen Stark, Monica Rizzoli, Ix Shells, Emily Xie, and Sarah Zucker. These artists have been granted the creative liberty to draw inspiration from LACMA’s vast permanent collection, using blockchain technology to reinterpret and expand upon these works, creating something truly unique.

A highlight of this initiative is the announcement of Volume 3 of the “Remembrance of Things Future” series, featuring Deafbeef’s “Noumenon + Chronophotograph.” This part of the project draws inspiration from Eadweard Muybridge, the English photographer known for his early exploration of motion through photography and his contributions to the development of motion pictures in the 19th century.

In a nod to Muybridge’s iconic “The Horse in Motion,” Deafbeef has crafted a series of chronophotographs. However, Deafbeef’s work diverges from Muybridge’s by transforming each frame into individual NFTs through the activation of a smart contract. This innovative approach allows for a “release shutter” function within the blockchain, enabling the creation of multiple chronophotographs from a single digital asset. These can then be collected, sold, or traded as unique editions.

Adding an intriguing twist, the “Noumenon + Chronophotograph” NFTs feature a time lock mechanism that doubles in duration after each snapshot. This results in the digital asset’s subsequent images growing in size and clarity, eventually culminating in a series of high-resolution static images.

Through this project, Deafbeef and fellow artists are not only paying homage to historical masterpieces but also injecting a fresh, contemporary edge to them. This endeavor by LACMA and its collaborators showcases a revolutionary blend of traditional art and cutting-edge blockchain technology, bringing a new dimension of artistic expression to the museum’s collection.

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