University of Pennsylvania Confronts Legacy of Racial Science

The University of Pennsylvania has recently embarked on a critical journey to confront and redress a troubling legacy tied to the use of human remains in racially biased scientific research. This initiative is reflective of a broader trend among museums and academic institutions grappling with the ethical dimensions of their collections, particularly those comprising human […]

The Unko Museum: A Whimsical Dive into Kawaii Culture and the Universal Experience of Poop

In a world where culture and nature collide in the most unexpected ways, Melbourne has welcomed a new and unconventional protagonist: The Unko Museum. Born from the vibrant heart of Tokyo, this museum marries the playful essence of kawaii culture with a subject matter that’s universally familiar yet often taboo: poop. Breaking boundaries and redefining […]

Florence Museum Director’s ‘Prostitute’ Remark Ignites Tourism Debate and Political Backlash

The controversy surrounding Cecilie Hollberg, the director of Florence’s Galleria dell’Accademia, underscores the complex challenges historic cities face in balancing cultural preservation with the impacts of mass tourism. Hollberg’s stark metaphor, comparing Florence to a “prostitute” due to its overwhelming influx of tourists, ignited a widespread backlash that transcended the immediate sphere of cultural commentary, […]

American Museum of Natural History to close halls featuring Native American artefacts

In a move that is reshaping the landscape of cultural preservation and display in the United States, the American Museum of Natural History, along with several other prestigious institutions, has initiated significant changes in response to newly enacted federal regulations. These changes mark a pivotal moment in the interaction between museums and the display of […]

Field Museum Takes Action on Native American Cultural Items

The Field Museum in Chicago has recently made headlines by covering up several display cases containing Native American cultural items. This decision comes in response to new federal regulations that require museums to obtain consent from Native American tribes before exhibiting objects related to their heritage. The move reflects a broader effort in the museum […]

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