Runway Row: British Museum’s Elgin Marbles Display Sparks Outrage

The British Museum has once again found itself at the center of controversy involving the Elgin Marbles, following a high-profile fashion event that took place amidst these ancient artefacts. The incident unfolded during London Fashion Week, where attendees, including celebrities like Lily James and Vogue’s Anna Wintour, were treated to a display of Erdem Moralioglu’s […]

Insta-Activism: The Campaign for Easter Island’s Statue Returns to the British Museum

The British Museum has found itself at the center of a digital storm, initiated by an influx of online activists from Chile. These individuals have taken to the museum’s social media platforms, especially Instagram, to voice their demands for the return of a moai statue, a significant cultural artifact from Easter Island, to its rightful […]

The Fowler Museum Leads by Example in the Historic Repatriation of Asante Treasures

This Monday marks a significant moment in history, commemorating 150 years since British forces seized a vast array of precious items from the royal palace in Kumasi, a key city within Ghana’s Asante region’s lush rainforests, during the Third Anglo-Asante War. This act of plunder led by Garnet Joseph Wolseley decimated the majestic African royal […]

Restoring Heritage: Manchester Museum’s Historic Repatriation to the Anindilyakwa Community

In a landmark event on September 5, the Manchester Museum ceremoniously handed over 174 artifacts to the Aboriginal Anindilyakwa community from Australia’s Northern Territory, marking a significant moment in the restitution of cultural heritage. Members of the Anindilyakwa community embarked on a journey from Groote Eylandt, an island situated roughly 50 kilometers off the northern […]

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