Greta Thunberg and Eco Protesters Challenge Science Museum’s Sponsorship Ethics

In a display of activism, climate campaigner Greta Thunberg joined forces with Extinction Rebellion protesters at the Science Museum in South Kensington on Thursday evening, challenging the institution’s ties with fossil fuel sponsors. The event, intended to delve into predictions for 2024, was suddenly transformed into a platform for a crucial environmental statement, as demonstrators […]

British Museum Sparks Outrage with £50M BP Deal for Historic Revamp

Advocates have criticized the British Museum for being “remarkably disconnected” following its disclosure of a decade-long, £50 million collaboration with BP, aimed at funding a monumental renovation project in the museum’s history. On Tuesday, the museum unveiled its plans for an ambitious overhaul, termed the “masterplan,” with an estimated cost of £1 billion. This initiative […]

United in Sustainability: The Inaugural UK Museum COP Pledges for Climate Action

On a landmark day, the 31st of October, 2023, representatives from UK museums, industry associations, and funding bodies congregated at Tate Modern for a groundbreaking event—the first ever UK Museum COP. Orchestrated by the National Museum Directors Council (NMDC), this summit marked a pivotal moment in the cultural sector’s response to the climate and biodiversity […]

Revolutionizing Museum Exhibitions: A New Report Paves the Way for Sustainable Design and Carbon Reduction

In a groundbreaking initiative, the Design Museum, in collaboration with the Urge Collective, has spearheaded a significant stride towards environmental sustainability within the realm of museum exhibitions. This collaborative effort has culminated in a pivotal report that offers a comprehensive roadmap for reducing the carbon footprint associated with the design, construction, and operation of temporary […]

Building the Future: Transforming Ghent’s Waste into a Museum Masterpiece

In the heart of Ghent, Belgium, a groundbreaking approach to sustainable construction is breathing new life into the city’s waste, transforming it into an eco-friendly material for the Design Museum Gent’s new extension. The project, a collaboration between London’s Carmody Groarke architects, TRANS architects, BC Materials, and Local Works Studio, has pioneered the “Gent Waste […]

Uniting Science and Society: The Natural History Museum’s Role at COP26

The London Natural History Museum has unveiled its participation in the upcoming COP26 climate conference with a series of engaging events. The museum will partner with The New York Times Climate Hub, an innovative forum designed for both online and in-person dialogue at the Glasgow summit. This initiative aims to create a collaborative platform where […]

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