In a landmark move to foster global cooperation in science and culture, the Science Museum Group has embarked on a transformative collaboration with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture. This initiative aims to establish a Museums Hub in Riyadh, poised to become a beacon of excellence in the realm of science and culture.

This pioneering partnership was formalized through an agreement, underscoring a mutual commitment to enhancing the museum sector. The ceremony saw the participation of notable figures, including HE Rakan Altouq, the Saudi Assistant Minister of Culture, and Sir Ian Blatchford, the esteemed Chief Executive and Director of the Science Museum Group. This collaboration is a natural progression from a Cultural Memorandum of Understanding previously agreed upon in 2022 between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the DCMS Secretary of State.

Sir Ian Blatchford expressed enthusiasm about the venture, highlighting the Science Museum Group’s intrinsic international spirit. He emphasized the significance of cultural engagement and international collaboration in tackling global issues. Blatchford is optimistic that this partnership will catalyze positive transformation within Saudi Arabia by fostering a robust, sustainable museum sector and enhancing science engagement across the nation.

The Science Museum Group is renowned for its international outreach, demonstrated through a variety of initiatives such as its global touring program, international object loans, and collaborations with leading museums and scientific entities worldwide. A testament to its global engagement is the recent unveiling of the Zimingzhong 凝时聚珍: Clockwork Treasures from China’s Forbidden City exhibition. This exhibit brings together 23 exquisite timepieces from the Palace Museum in Beijing, displayed in the UK for the first time, offering a glimpse into China’s rich cultural heritage.

Moreover, the Science Museum Group has made significant contributions to public education on the COVID-19 pandemic through the Injecting Hope exhibition. This exhibit, which has attracted over two million visitors, delves into the rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines, showcasing the global effort to combat the pandemic. This exhibition has been featured not only in the UK but also as part of an international tour in China and India, further exemplifying the Group’s commitment to international collaboration and science communication.

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