New Archaeological Findings Redefine Boundaries of Saxon London

Recent excavations beneath The National Gallery have unveiled that the urban heart of Saxon London stretched further west than historians and archaeologists previously believed. This groundbreaking discovery was made by Archaeology South-East, a division of the UCL Institute of Archaeology, during their work on Jubilee Walk, part of a significant redevelopment project tied to the […]

Hyundai Motor and Whitney Museum Launch Decade-Long Partnership to Elevate Contemporary Art

Hyundai Motor Company and the Whitney Museum of American Art are embarking on a groundbreaking 10-year partnership that promises to redefine artistic creativity and innovation. This collaboration will see Hyundai Motor supporting the Whitney Museum’s annual art commission on its spacious fifth-floor terrace and playing a key role in the Whitney Biennial, a signature event […]

The Fowler Museum Leads by Example in the Historic Repatriation of Asante Treasures

This Monday marks a significant moment in history, commemorating 150 years since British forces seized a vast array of precious items from the royal palace in Kumasi, a key city within Ghana’s Asante region’s lush rainforests, during the Third Anglo-Asante War. This act of plunder led by Garnet Joseph Wolseley decimated the majestic African royal […]

How Museums are using Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) involves the integration of digital overlays—such as images, text, or sounds—onto the real-world environment as perceived through devices like smartphones or tablets. By activating a specific application, users can experience an enhanced version of their surroundings, offering a blend of the real and the digitally augmented. This innovative technology opens up numerous […]

Immersive Worlds Unveiled: teamLab’s Digital Art Haven Opens in Tokyo’s Towering Azabudai Hills

On Friday, TeamLab, the popular Japanese digital art collective will open a new Museum within the Azabudai Hills complex, Japan’s tallest skyscraper. Blending art with cutting-edge technology, this promises to be a must-see attraction for international tourists. TeamLab is renowned for its innovative approach to art, merging it with the latest technology to create immersive, […]

Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum Embarks on a Transformative Journey: A Future of Innovation Amidst Controversy

After more than three and a half decades as a beacon of innovation and history in Ultimo, Sydney’s esteemed Powerhouse Museum is embarking on a monumental journey of transformation. This Sunday marks a significant turning point, as the museum closes its doors to the public, initiating a three-year renovation period that promises to usher in […]

British Museum Unveils Stolen Treasures in “Rediscovering Gems” Exhibition

In a move that underscores a shift towards transparency and cultural rejuvenation, the British Museum is preparing to unveil a new exhibition entitled “Rediscovering Gems.”  This showcase will bring to light ten remarkable Roman gems from its extensive collection, including a captivating cameo featuring the likeness of Cupid, believed to date back to the 1st […]

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